Scentsy Clearance Sale Dec 16

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What: One-day clearance sale
When: Starting at 9 a.m. Mountain Time, Wednesday, Dec. 16

Cost: Save up to 50 % on select items

Get ready for the new year by saving big! Starting at 9 a.m. Mountain Time Dec. 16, select products will go on sale!
Here are some quick tips, tricks and reminders to help you navigate this one-day clearance sale:
* Sale products will only be available in the Clearance section of my website
* These deals will last 24 hours, ending at 9 a.m. pm Mountain Time Dec. 17 — and some products may not even last that long!
* All products are available only while supplies last. Clearance items sell out quickly, so don’t wait to shop!
* There will be a queue waiting system, so be patient while you wait to get in at the start time
* Shop quick!!


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