Scentsy Fundraiser Program

Scentsy Canada Fundraiser Program

I am currently looking for as many Scentsy Fundraisers as possible!  If you are in need of a Scentsy fundraiser please contact me.

From schools to small groups and organizations Scentsy Fundraisers are great for any size.
I would be happy to assist you with your fundraiser and to answer any and all of your questions.

Scentsy Fundraising Choices

We have a few ways that can help you make money for your organization

Online Fundraiser– This fundraiser is pretty straight forward, simply put I will give you a link to your fundraiser, you then share that link to as many people as possible.  SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! When people click the link and place an order through my website, your fundraiser will get the credit for it.  YES, you will get your own special link straight to your fundraiser for orders.   We can leave the fundraiser open for a few weeks to get as many as possible.

Door to Door– This is the most popular way to fundraise. Members of your organization or group will go out to friends, families & neighbors to collect orders.  This fundraiser can be open for a few weeks then orders will be sent back to me so I can order the product. Each participant will receive everything they need in order to have a success fundraiser.  We can also open up an online link to share the fundraiser online.  Any online orders will contribute to the $$ you earn

Single Product Fundraisers–  We also do Scent Circle fundraisers, Buddy fundraisers and anything thing else you want to create.  These fundraisers you would specifically sell 1 product.  These are great for fundraisers for young kids, so they don’t have to deal with alot of product orders and cash.
If there is something specific you would like to do, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Remember, your organization or group will receive up to 25% of total sales, cash.  That means if your organization sells $2000 you will receive $500.  If your fundraiser sells $5000 you will receive $1250.  Once the order is submitted it will take 2-3 weeks before it is delivered.

Please contact us for more information on fundraising, I will be happy to answer all of your fundraising questions.

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Scentsy is going global! Scentsy is now available to join in countries around the world! Lots of ground floor opportunity everywhere! Do you have friends that would want to Join Scentsy in United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand?

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