Scentsy Clearance Sale Dec 16

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What: One-day clearance sale
When: Starting at 9 a.m. Mountain Time, Wednesday, Dec. 16

Cost: Save up to 50 % on select items

Get ready for the new year by saving big! Starting at 9 a.m. Mountain Time Dec. 16, select products will go on sale!
Here are some quick tips, tricks and reminders to help you navigate this one-day clearance sale:
* Sale products will only be available in the Clearance section of my website
* These deals will last 24 hours, ending at 9 a.m. pm Mountain Time Dec. 17 — and some products may not even last that long!
* All products are available only while supplies last. Clearance items sell out quickly, so don’t wait to shop!
* There will be a queue waiting system, so be patient while you wait to get in at the start time
* Shop quick!!


BABY YODA Scentsy Warmer – The Child

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BABY YODA Scentsy Warmer – The Child
Available Dec 7th

The Child melted the hearts of Star Wars™ fans everywhere when it debuted on The Mandalorian™ — and now it’s ready to melt Scentsy Bars! Beginning between 11a.m. mountain time Dec. 7, The Child — Scentsy Warmer will be available while supplies last
Available for $79, this hand-painted warmer features details true fans will love. Even the wax dish has a story to tell: The iconic bowl is irregularly shaped and offers a glimpse of The Mandalorian’s reflection — as if he were peeking over The Child’s shoulder! And this warmer isn’t the only Scentsy product dropping out of hyperspace!

If you want immediate updates on any NEW Scentsy products coming you can receive instant updates by texting SIGNUP to 587-200-3903
OR you can click the bell on my website!

Sven Scentsy Buddy – Frozen

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This goofy guy is the most loveable and loyal reindeer you’ll ever meet! Each Disney Sven – Scentsy Buddy comes with a Scent Pak in Fearless by Nature, the fragrance designed exclusively for Sven and inspired by Disney’s Frozen 2. Harness is attached. $53

Xmas cut off is Dec 10th so you have time to receive it for Christmas!

Scentsy Polar Panorama Warmer

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Scentsy Polar Panorama
Enjoy the northern lights from anywhere! In an homage to nature’s greatest light show, rotating LED lights create a mesmerizing aurora borealis effect above the tree line. As in nature, this dazzling display is best visible in a darker environment.

This warmer is currently SOLD OUT!  But we are accepting preorders online!
1. Pay a deposit
2. Scentsy will email you when they are ready to ship out
3. Pay the final balance
4. Scentsy will ship (usually takes 2-3 months from the time of pre order)



NHL National Hockey League Scentsy Warmers

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SCENTSY NHL® Collection!

Officially licensed NHL Scentsy Warmers and an exclusive fragrance coming Oct. 15

You’ve been asking for National Hockey League products for years, and we’re excited to finally offer them to you!

Our officially licensed NHL® Collection includes a Scentsy Warmer for every team in the league — yes, all 31!
These unique Scentsy Warmers make great display pieces for any fan, featuring each individual teams’ colours and logo, plus a base that resembles a hockey puck. Even the wax dish features the official NHL® logo. They’re perfect for game-day festivities and year-round team spirit.

To complement the warmers, we’re also releasing an exclusive new fragrance, NHL®:
Fresh Ice — cold air and icy mint face off at full strength, while a slapshot of sandalwood brings home the win.

NHL® Warmers are $59
NHL®: Fresh Ice Scentsy Bars are $8.50

If you want a notification of when this will go live EMAIL ME @
Subject : NHL Notification
You will be placed on my list to email out as soon as they launch




















Scentsy Hope, Strength & Love Warmer

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Hope, Strength & Love

A breast cancer diagnosis changes everything. Join us in supporting Rethink Breast Cancer with our new charitable cause warmer, Hope, Strength & Love, available for $66.

For every Hope, Strength & Love Warmer sold from Aug. 1, 2020, to Jan. 31, 2021, Scentsy will donate $13 to Rethink Breast Cancer, empowering young people worldwide who are concerned about and affected by breast cancer through innovative education, support and advocacy.

We believe in Generosity

Thank you for joining us in partnering with Rethink Breast Cancer to help us support women in need!
And, as always, thank you for your generosity.















Scentsy International Wax Collection

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Scentsy International Wax Collection

Get out your fragrance passport and get ready to experience a selection of Scentsy’s bestselling fragrances from around the world!
The International Wax Collection includes five of the bestselling Scentsy Bars from other regions. Bars can be purchased individually, or in a bundle for $33.

Check out the fragrances:

  • Lucky Star Fruit: This sunny pop of orange, apricot and starfruit is a sweet wish come true. (Popular in Europe and Australia/New Zealand)
  • Pacific Sandalwood: Creamy vanilla cashmere and cozy cotton drift over an expanse of warm Pacific sandalwood. (Popular in Australia/New Zealand)
  • Salted Lavender: Classic English lavender mingles with ocean minerals and timberwood for a salty twist on tradition. (Popular in Europe and Australia/New Zealand)
  • Strawberry & Rockmelon: Rockmelon, strawberry jam and a whisper of hibiscus shape a sweet, sunny fragrance sure to have your senses singing in tune. (Popular in Australia/New Zealand)
  • Windowsill Breeze: Fresh clean breeze flutters through crisp linen in a perfect spring moment. (Popular in Europe and Australia/New Zealand)

Don’t miss out on buying this set!  They won’t last long!


Scentsy Letterboard Warmer

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Scentsy Letterboard Warmer

A warmer that says it all — or at least whatever you want it to! This sleek white warmer has a grooved felt board that’s framed with real wood, so it fits with any décor. But you can make it stand out by adding your favorite quote, inspiration or reminders using the included letters, symbols, emojis and punctuation.

Scentsy Rise & Shine Scent of the month

Sunny orange sparkles over the eye-opening sweetness of cherry and red berries.





All of our Scent and warmers of the month can be purchased at a 10% discount in July 2020 only!
Currently our warmer is on backorder!  You can still order the Letterboard warmer all of July, but you won’t receive the product until September 🙂

Scentsy Paisley the Pig Buddy

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Scentsy Paisley the Pig

There’s no pal quite like a pig. They love to cuddle for warmth and often sleep nose to nose, and our newest Scentsy Buddy, Paisley the Pig, is no exception!

Paisley is ready for all the love and belly rubs you can give. She’s so very soft, and her curly, springy tail is as cute as can be!

Did you know pigs are actually very clean by nature? (Except for that whole rolling in the mud to keep cool thing). Here’s the dirt on this adorable pig:

Paisley the Pig is $46 and comes with the Scent Pak of your choice. But hurry! Paisley is only available while supplies last.

Join Scentsy in Canada

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Have you been wanting to join Scentsy? Are you just needing some extra information?
I am always here to answer your questions, but we have 2 options for you to choose from!

We have 2 Ways for you to Join Scentsy!

Join for $129.  This kit is pictured above. It has everything you ever need to get started! Testers, warmer, bars, laundry, kitchen, room spray, car freshener, buddy clip, catalogs..
For a full list of items head to this page to learn what in the kit!

Join with our Hostess Exclusive Kit $77 or LESS!

Why don’t you join after you host a party with me?
When you host a party (home, basket or online) you have the option to join after.  If your party gets to a qualifying party ($265) you then can join for $77 or less.  Your free hostess rewards can be redeemed to buy our Hostess Exclusive Starter Kit.  So if you have $40 in free party rewards, then your starter kit ill cost you $37 plus tax!
How easy was that!  Then you also receive all the orders and are paid commission for those orders too!  So more money in your pocket!

If you would like to host a party with me, please message me and we can work something out!
Text now! 780-972-9499


Scentsy Bring Back My Bar 2020

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Once again, we saw a tremendous response to Bring Back My Bar voting. Thanks to your participation, we tallied an amazing 2,843,222 votes! The following 25 fragrances landed at the top:
All area now available $8 each or 6 for $40

  • Banana Nut Bread
  • Beach
  • Beach Daisy
  • Blueberry Rush
  • Bubblegum
  • Cashmere
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Cherry Vanilla
  • Coconut Cotton
  • Echo
  • Eucalyptus
  • Fresh Cut Grass
  • Fuzzy Blanket
  • Grape Granita
  • Happy Birthday
  • Hemingway
  • Jumpin’ Jellybean
  • Pink Haze
  • Rio Beach
  • Route 66
  • Simply Rose
  • Southern Evening
  • Sugar
  • Thunderstorm
  • White Sands

These much-loved fragrances are NOW AVAILABLE the whole month of June — enough time to stock up or add them to a Scentsy Club subscription.

Scentsy Baby Yoda

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The Child aka Baby Yoda will be available for purchase on June 18!
If you want to be notified when it goes on sales please fill out this form to get on my list. I will email you 24 hours prior to its launch!   >>>Baby Yoda Form <<<

The Mandalorian™ took the world by storm, thanks in no small part to its adorable, pint-sized superstar, the Child™! And now, we’re thrilled to announce that The Child™ – Scentsy Buddy and exclusive The Mandalorian™: Air of Adventure fragrance will be available starting June 18, while supplies last.

The Mandalorian™: Air of Adventure – Scentsy Bar
The Mandalorian™: Air of Adventure – Scent Pak
Silver mint, like Mandalorian armor, surrounds crisp bergamot and earthy-sweet geranium, while a touch of eucalyptus and bright orange zest hint at the adventures ahead.

The Child™ – Scentsy Buddy

The Child – Scentsy Buddy, complete with adorable styling, a soft robe and preselected Scent Pak in The Mandalorian™: Air of Adventure. 35 cm tall; 33 cm from ear to expressive ear.

Prices Below:

  • The Child™ – Scentsy Buddy + The Mandalorian™: Air of Adventure Scent Pak, $59
  • The Mandalorian™: Air of Adventure – Scent Pak*, $9.50
  • The Mandalorian™: Air of Adventure – Scentsy Bar*, $8.50

These products will be available starting between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. PT June 18. Do not miss out! This is a great time to reach out to Star Wars™ fans and grow your customer base!


Scentsy Summer Nights Warmer

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Scentsy Summer Nights Warmer

Light up the night with the flip of a switch. An indigo sky comes alive with layers of etched detail that give the illusion of shooting stars when lit — just like summertime magic.

7″ tall, 20W bulb






Scentsy Welcome, Summer Scentsy Bar

Usher in sunny days with refreshing watermelon, lush wild plumeria and a splash of tropical waters.
$8.00 wax bar






Scentsy Peacock Warmer – Be Bold

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Scentsy Peacock Warmer – Be Bold

Let your unique personality shine with our equally one-of-a-kind Be Bold Scentsy Warmer.  Gold peacock feathers bring a lively flair to hand-blown glass in a vibrant shade of teal.  The warmer includes one of our Scentsy-purple light bulbs for multicoloured brilliance.



Scentsy Be Fabulous Scent of the Month

Bright limoncello sparkles against a splash of ruby grapefruit and sweet sugared musk.


Scentsy Diffusers

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Scentsy Premium Diffuser

Style your personal sanctuary with our decor worthy Premium Diffusers, each designed to make a beautiful statement.

Features & Benefits:
*120 mL water reservoir for up to 8 hours of continuous use.
*Shades are sold separately so you can swap them out for a new look.
*16 LED lighting effects can display one colour, rotate through multiple colours or display a soft white glow and even a candle-flicker effect.
*Provides a multisensory experience with style, light and fragrance.
*Shades are all handmade ceramic, metal or glass

Diffuser starts at $185 up to $198
New shades start at $79 and up





Scentsy Deluxe Diffuser

Our diffusers prove you can have it al with stylish designs, smart, ultrasonic technology and even a limited lifetime warranty.

Features & Benefits:
*Large, 450ml reservoir provides over a day of continuous fragrance
*Sturdy construction and long-lasting fragrance minimize the fuss
*Sliding controls make it easy to adjust and gauge the settings
*8 light modes – choose your colour or pick the rotating colour option

Deluxe Diffusers $86








Scentsy Mother’s Day

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Scentsy Mother’s Day – NEW Products

Mother’s Day is May 10. Don’t miss your chance to show all the moms in your life just how much you love and appreciate them with perfectly picked bundles, a sweet new Scentsy Body product and exclusive fragrances, available starting April 6 — while supplies last.





Mother’s Day limited-time products:

  • New! Sugar Scrub in Coconut Driftwood or Piña Colada Cha Cha, $16

The sweetest treat for your skin! Exfoliating sugar and moisturizing shea butter, coconut oil and aloe sync up to reveal smooth, soft skin that positively glows.

  • Scentsy Soak in Coconut Driftwood or Piña Colada Cha Cha, $16

Formulated with pink Himalayan and Epsom salts, premium moisturizers and exclusive fragrances for a relaxing bath experience like no other.

  • New! Scentsy Bar in Picked for You, $8

Luscious lychee blossom and honeydew melon waltz with white amber in this exclusive new fragrance.

Or simply choose the bundle that best suits your mom, and save:

  • Picked for You Bundle, $40 ($6 savings!)

Featuring the new Picked for You fragrance, designed just for Mom.

  • Star Wall Fan Diffuser
  • Scentsy Pod 2-Pack in Picked for You

Mother’s Day Spa Bundle, $38 ($2 savings!)

Everything Mom needs for a spa day, Scentsy-style — Body Wash, Hand Cream and our exclusive new Sugar Scrub — in Piña Colada Cha Cha or Coconut Driftwood.

Join Scentsy for $26

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Join Scentsy in May 2020 for $26!

What comes in the kit?
1 Scentsy Mini Warmer
Black Raspberry Vanilla Bar
5 Catalogs
20 Fragrance testers
Quick Start Guide
Free website for 3 months!
This is ONLY until kit supplies last! They only made so many!!


Scentsy Light Bulbs, Where Can I Buy Them

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Scentsy Warmers melt our wax with light bulbs. Have you been searching for Scentsy lightbulbs everywhere and you can not find the correct ones that work?  You have come to the right place!


*We have a few different sizes.  25 watt, 20 watt, 15 watt and Edison bulbs.
*Each bulbs is $3 or the combine and saves listed below.

Buy Now

Be sure you are getting the correct size by checking the base of your warmer.  Each Scentsy warmer has a sticker on the bottom listing the size you will need.
**Do not place higher wattages into your warmers, only use the amount listed directly on your warmer**



Scentsy 25 Watt Lightbulbs

25 watt scentsy bulb


Scentsy 20 Watt Lightbulb

20 watt scentsy lightbulb

Scentsy 15 Watt Lightbulb

15 watt scentsy light bulb

Scentsy Edison Lightbulb

scentsy 40 watt edison lightbulb

If you have any questions about what Scentsy Bulb you may need please contact me
Carla Hunter
780-972-9499 – cell

Buy Now

Baby Yoda PRE Order – Scentsy Buddy

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UPDATE***Available for regular purchase on June 18! If you want to be notified 24 hours before it goes live please fill out my form and I will contact you with how to purchase!

The Mandalorian took the world by storm, thanks in no small part to its adorable, pint-sized superstar, Baby Yoda! And now, we’re thrilled to announce that this Star Wars Scentsy Buddy (along with a Scent Pak in an exclusive fragrance) is in the works and will be available for preorders!


  1. Go to my website and place one or more into your cart for $7 each
  2. Create an account
  3. Be sure to use a valid EMAIL address
  4. You will be EMAILED in June to finalize payment to get your Baby Yoda Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy is making sure EVERYONE can get their own Baby Yoda Scentsy Buddy.
So between March 11-18 you can PRE ORDER yours to guarantee you get one!  The pre order will cost
$7 (non refundable) per buddy ordered.  In June you will receive an email to finalize all payments and your Buddy will be shipped out in June.

Pre Order $7 (NON refundable)
June payment $52 plus tax and shipping
Total $59 all together 


The Child aka Baby Yoda Questions

How much does he cost?
The Child Buddy will be $59 and will have a $7 non refundable deposit to hold secure one. The deposit will be deducted from rom the final total.

When do I pay the remaining amount?
The final amount will be due in June when Scentsy emails you to complete your purchase so then it can be shipped out.

How do I pre order?
The pre order can be done on my website 
Once you add your Buddies to the cart, create an account then finalize your purchase.  You will receive an email after your purchase and then another in June for final payments.

Your Baby Yoda Scentsy Buddy will include a free scent Pak with each purchase 



How long will the pre sale last? 
You have March 11-18 to order your Buddy to guarantee you got it

How long do I have to purchase a Buddy after making my deposit?
You will have until July 31 to complete your purchase.  After that date you will not be able to apply your deposit toward purchasing The Child , and you will forfeit your deposit amount.

Is there a limit to how many I can pre order?
No there is not!

What if I change my mind?
If you change your mind and do not want to purchase your Buddy, that is ok just simply not finalize your payment. However, you will lose your non refundable $7 deposit.

What if I missed the presale?
The Child will go on sale in June


Join Scentsy and Earn More for FREE

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FOR THIS MONTH ONLY!!!! March 2020
If you have EVER thought about becoming a Scentsy consultant, listen to this breakdown. This is a NO BRAINER!

Collect $665 in orders as a PARTY HOSTESS

*Everything in this ENTIRE photo FREE (Kit is worth $396) (above)
*PLUS you can join for FREE, receive all kit contents (bottom image)
*$22.75 extra in product credit
*4 half price items
*AND get paid $132 in commissions.
Seriously…. contact me ASAP to get your party started!

If you can gather $665 in orders from your friends and family this deal is not to be missed!!

Carla Hunter SuperStar Director
780-972-9499 (cell)
Scentsy Corporate
Approved Website
Online Chat
Go Shopping
Browse the Catalog

Join Scentsy
Request your Free E-Book!!

Important Information

Why Buy Scentsy?

Our Scentsy Wickless Candle Bars add a new level of safety to candle lovers everywhere, while still allowing you to enjoy the lovely aroma candles provide. Scentsy warmers use a low-watt bulb to melt the specially formulated wax slowly, maximizing the fragrance time of the Scentsy Bar or Scentsy Brick.

Buy Scentsy

Scentsy International Expansion

Scentsy is going global! Scentsy is now available to join in countries around the world! Lots of ground floor opportunity everywhere! Do you have friends that would want to Join Scentsy in United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand?

Contact me to find someone in your area!

Learn more about Scentsy International