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MY SCENTSY CONSULTANT STORY –                                        

Carla Hunter, Scentsy Superstar Director

My name is Carla Hunter I am a Scentsy SuperStar Director in Alberta, Canada since 2009.  I think it is important to write this story because with my struggles and accomplishments each have helped me grow immensely in my Scentsy business.  I am not one to be bold, loud or even enjoy talking to strangers.  I am quiet, shy but a very motivated individual.  And I have succeeded in this business more than I could of ever imagined!  I want people just like me to know, you CAN do this too, it is hard but rewarding at the end of the day! Here is my Scentsy story…

I received a gift from a friend in 2002. Which was a candle. It sat in my living room for months before I decided to burn it. After about 30 minutes I could not believe the scent of my house. Delicious!!! Smelled like cake! I burned that candle until there was nothing left and searched for that scent frantically till I resorted to Fragrance companies. Which would then turn into a full fledged candle making business in Canada. The whole time I was making candles I would constantly say to myself “why am I doing this? Where is this taking me? “I don’t even like candles”.  I had my candle business for 6 years and the time it took to make and package the product was now too much for me as a stay at home mom as the business grew.

In 2008 with a long talk with my best friend I closed my business and took a year off. During that year I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety in groups of people, that went untreated for 7 years. I found scentsy by fluke.  I am the type of person that likes to be at home, I am an introvert and I find being around people difficult. I don’t even know how it happened really, I just knew I needed to get out of my day to day routine of raising my 2 children. I knew this was going to be a huge challenge for me from the beginning.

I asked my sponsor how do you make a lot of money.  She said “you have to recruit and not stop”.  She said recruiting people is how you can make unlimited amounts of money forever, you need to work hard! So I decided to take that advice and run with it.  I took ALL information from successful people and implementing them into my business.  I struggled in the beginning with my mind playing tricks on me.  Each time my mind told me “no” or “I can’t” or “I’m too shy” I decided to challenge that and “just do it” anyway.  Speeches in front of people, it’s not my strong point, but I do it.  I push myself really hard to do the things that I think I can not do. And that is what Scentsy has done for me. I have gotten out of my house, talked in front of groups of people, made lots of new friends and became a strong leader for my group!

I have become pretty successful only because I push myself harder and harder each day.  Connect with others, mentor them and training them is my strong point!  You don’t need to be a great speaker, you don’t need to get up in front of people to speak you just need to have the drive to want to succeed. And you need to have the passion for the business!

As my business has changed my personal life has changed as well.  Becoming a single, stay at home mom with 2 children in the beginning of 2013 was very difficult to get use to.  But one thing I know is that I WAS AND STILL am a stay at home mom!  I was able to take care of my girls 100% on my own and not go to a 9-5 job. I wouldnt be able to do that without this business.  I’ve just bought my first home and my girls and I are excited to start our new journey in a new City in 2014. I am happy exactly where I am. I never have to make another penny more.  I want my team to be where I am, that is my goal.  To see others be as blessed as I have.  See others achieve their goals and get past their fears and to know that they have support from me.  I believe that anyone who has drive to change their life, CAN and WILL.  And not let your fears get the best of you!

scentsy superstar director carla hunter




Carla Hunter, SuperStar Director

Alberta, Canada

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