Baby Yoda PRE Order – Scentsy Buddy

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The Mandalorian took the world by storm, thanks in no small part to its adorable, pint-sized superstar, Baby Yoda! And now, we’re thrilled to announce that this Star Wars Scentsy Buddy (along with a Scent Pak in an exclusive fragrance) is in the works and will be available for preorders!


  1. Go to my website and place one or more into your cart for $7 each
  2. Create an account
  3. Be sure to use a valid EMAIL address
  4. You will be EMAILED in June to finalize payment to get your Baby Yoda Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy is making sure EVERYONE can get their own Baby Yoda Scentsy Buddy.
So between March 11-18 you can PRE ORDER yours to guarantee you get one!  The pre order will cost
$7 (non refundable) per buddy ordered.  In June you will receive an email to finalize all payments and your Buddy will be shipped out in June.

Pre Order $7 (NON refundable)
June payment $52 plus tax and shipping
Total $59 all together 


The Child aka Baby Yoda Questions

How much does he cost?
The Child Buddy will be $59 and will have a $7 non refundable deposit to hold secure one. The deposit will be deducted from rom the final total.

When do I pay the remaining amount?
The final amount will be due in June when Scentsy emails you to complete your purchase so then it can be shipped out.

How do I pre order?
The pre order can be done on my website 
Once you add your Buddies to the cart, create an account then finalize your purchase.  You will receive an email after your purchase and then another in June for final payments.

Your Baby Yoda Scentsy Buddy will include a free scent Pak with each purchase 



How long will the pre sale last? 
You have March 11-18 to order your Buddy to guarantee you got it

How long do I have to purchase a Buddy after making my deposit?
You will have until July 31 to complete your purchase.  After that date you will not be able to apply your deposit toward purchasing The Child , and you will forfeit your deposit amount.

Is there a limit to how many I can pre order?
No there is not!

What if I change my mind?
If you change your mind and do not want to purchase your Buddy, that is ok just simply not finalize your payment. However, you will lose your non refundable $7 deposit.

What if I missed the presale?
The Child will go on sale in June


Join Scentsy and Earn More for FREE

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FOR THIS MONTH ONLY!!!! March 2020
If you have EVER thought about becoming a Scentsy consultant, listen to this breakdown. This is a NO BRAINER!

Collect $665 in orders as a PARTY HOSTESS

*Everything in this ENTIRE photo FREE (Kit is worth $396) (above)
*PLUS you can join for FREE, receive all kit contents (bottom image)
*$22.75 extra in product credit
*4 half price items
*AND get paid $132 in commissions.
Seriously…. contact me ASAP to get your party started!

If you can gather $665 in orders from your friends and family this deal is not to be missed!!

Halley the Unicorn Scentsy Buddy

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Our NEWEST Scentsy Buddy Halley the Unicorn

A little bit spunky and a little bit sparkly, this winged unicorn is destined to be a star. Our Halley the Unicorn Scentsy Buddy is strong and majestic — not to mention sweet and cuddly — and she’ll make you the center of her universe! Available while supplies last.

Halley the Unicorn is $46 and comes with your choice of a FREE scent pack!

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar 2020

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Vote now for Bring Back My Bar!

Everyone loves a good comeback! That’s why we give you the chance to vote for your favorite retired Scentsy Bars to return for a limited time. Pick the spring/summer fragrances* below that you want us to bring back. We’ll make the top 25 fragrances available for the whole month of June!

Voting runs through 11:59 p.m. PT March 8. Winners will be announced March 23.



Scentsy Northern Plaid Warmer

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Scentsy Northern Plaid Warmer

Whether you’re deep in the woods getting away from it all or want to relive a weekend at Grandpa’s cabin, our Northern Plaid Warmer sits seamlessly in any cozy place. Its white, frosted glass and tree trunk-designed base complement the winter wonderland outside, while the playful plaid moose is the perfect fireside companion.
On sale for the month of December 2019 – $66 on sale $59.40


Pretty in Plaid

Woody juniper berries jive with minty-fresh wintergreen, festive Douglas fir and bright, tart cranberries.
This scent is 10% all month long!!

Scentsy Snow Globe

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Scentsy Snow Globe
Available Nov 13th 2019

Our new limited-edition holiday warmer is going to bring a flurry of excitement to your customers and your business!

The Snow Globe Warmer is unlike anything we’ve offered before. A sweet snowman family in a glitter wonderland (yes, glitter!) reminds us of everything we love about winter, while a light casts a soft holiday glow and a fan keeps the glitter in motion for continuous sparkle.

Each warmer is numbered to be a unique, limited-edition collectible. It even comes with a matching Christmas ornament to adorn your tree!

Ready to shine as the new centerpiece of your holiday décor, the Snow Globe Warmer is $172 and will be available while supplies last starting Wednesday, Nov. 13.

If you like to Pre Order this amazing warmer, please fill out this form!  You will get an email as soon as it launches!!  I can also order it and direct ship to your door!

Scentsy Christmas Camper Warmer

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Scentsy Christmas Camper Warmer

Reminiscent of a simpler time, our retro Christmas Camper Warmer looks right at home on the mantle or credenza. Festive yet down-to- earth, the hand-painted red and galvanized steel warmer features classic holiday decorations and a playful, rooftop wax dish — making it a cheerful addition to all the merriment.
On sale 10% off in November 2019 – $66 on for $59.40


Scentsy SnowKissed Cranberry:
Frozen pink cranberries trek through a path of fresh-fallen powder among white balsam and glistening sugared woods.

This scent is 10% off for the month of November 2019.

Scentsy Holiday Bricks

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Scentsy Holiday Bricks are BACK!!!  

Santa-approved and handmade in Idaho, our Holiday Bricks are more than five times bigger than a Scentsy Bar. That’s a whole lot of holiday cheer! Plus, at just $32 each, or $53 for a bundle of two, the savings really stack up.

Holiday Bricks are now available in five festive fragrances: 

  • New! Candy Cane Wishes: Visions of sparkling sugar crystals, mighty peppermint and icy musk.
  • New! Caramel Sugar Cookie: Buttery notes of creamy caramel and vanilla bean dusted with a touch of sugar.
  • New! Sugarplumberry: A jolly holiday brew of spiced citrus peels, evergreen berries, sugarplums and cinnamon sticks.
  • Very Snowy Spruce: Balsam, spruce and cedar branches embrace the warmth of amber and woody pine cones.
  • Vanilla Bean Buttercream: Decadent buttercream frosting made with the freshest butter whipped with cane sugar and vanilla extract.

Don’t wait too long!  These are while supplies last!

Join Scentsy in Canada

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Have you been wanting to join Scentsy? Are you just needing some extra information?
I am always here to answer your questions, but we have 2 options for you to choose from!

We have 2 Ways for you to Join Scentsy!

Join for $129.  This kit is pictured above. It has everything you ever need to get started! Testers, warmer, bars, laundry, kitchen, room spray, car freshener, buddy clip, catalogs..
For a full list of items head to this page to learn what in the kit!

Join with our Hostess Exclusive Kit $77 or LESS!

Why don’t you join after you host a party with me?
When you host a party (home, basket or online) you have the option to join after.  If your party gets to a qualifying party ($265) you then can join for $77 or less.  Your free hostess rewards can be redeemed to buy our Hostess Exclusive Starter Kit.  So if you have $40 in free party rewards, then your starter kit ill cost you $37 plus tax!
How easy was that!  Then you also receive all the orders and are paid commission for those orders too!  So more money in your pocket!

If you would like to host a party with me, please message me and we can work something out!
Text now! 780-972-9499


Scentsy Harvest Collection 2019

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Our annual Scentsy Harvest Collection is always a customer favourite, and this year’s lineup offers all the glorious seasonal décor and fragrances they’ve come to expect, but with one exciting addition: The Nightmare Before Christmas products will be making their debut!

Nightmare before Xmas was such a HIT that it sold out within 12 hours.
So don’t delay on ordering your Harvest Collection warmers or products@ They won’t last long!


Shop our Harvest Collection now

Join Scentsy for $20 September

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YES YOU CAN JOIN SCENTSY FOR $20 for September 2019!

To celebrate our 15-year anniversary and share the love, new Consultants can start their Scentsy business for only $20* — and begin their Scentsy story.

For just $20, our Anniversary Starter Kit includes:

  • One Scentsy Mini Warmer
  • One Scentsy Bar
  • 15 Fragrance Testers
  • 5 Fall/Winter Catalogues
  • Three months of the Scentsy Personal Website (PWS) FREE
  • Four months of AMI (Maven) FREE
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Digital Consultant Guide

What’s so amazing about our Anniversary Starter Kit?

It’s Just a Great Hook: How often do you see the opportunity to “start your own business for $20?” It will draw new Consultants in and then you can tell them your story and everything you love about Scentsy — like the community, events, trips, etc.

Low Risk: The average commission on a new Consultant’s first order is $93.72** and the cost of our Anniversary Starter Kit is only $20.* That’s a lot of return on their investment.

Summer Incentive: The timing of the Anniversary Starter Kit perfectly coincides with our summer incentive period. That means that you can use the promotion to your advantage when trying to earn the incentive.

Host a Scentsy Party

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Host a Party
Are you interested in receiving FREE Scentsy Warmers?  Are you interested in having a great time with family and friends?  Are you interested in Scentsy products?  If you answered YES to any of these questions then you should have a Scentsy Party!

What You Will Receive When You Host a Scentsy Party

  • You will receive FREE and 1/2 price items
  • I will personally help you maximize sales
  • You will receive an Online Party Assistant to send out Email invitations and keep track of who is going to attend your party
  • For each booking booked during your show you will receive an extra 1/2 price item
  • If you choose a Scentsy Basket Party you will receive all 80 scents, catalogues, order forms, and all other information to complete a successful Scentsy Basket Party


Host a Party

Scentsy Manic Mansion Warmer

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Manic Mansion – $66 – $59.40 

Perfect for the parlor or the porch, the Manic Mansion Warmer offsets any sinister Halloween décor with a more approachable haunted house. Handcrafted of metal (and including a green lightbulb), the warmer’s ghoulish glow, friendly ghost and broken screen door humbly beckon you in. Lift the roof to warm your favorite fragrance.

Caramel Apple Craze

Creamy golden caramel, sweet Red Delicious apples and whipped vanilla invite you to be a trick-or-treater again.

This Scent and Warmer of the month is 10% off for the month of September 2019!
Get them before they sell out

Scentsy Whiff Box Subscription

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Scentsy Whiff Box is the perfect way for you to experience a variety of new, trending and seasonal fragrances and product lines, handpicked each month by Scentsy!
You can order Whiff Box once on my website or sign up for Scentsy Club and receive this box once every month – so the surprises keep coming!

What’s exciting about Whiff Box?

  • In addition to a variety of full-size products, we’ll generally toss in a few single-use wax samples, so you can warm some top-trending fragrances!
  • You get a “sniff preview” of the upcoming Scent of the Month in a single-use wax sample.
  • Each Whiff Box is $40 CAD, but what comes inside the box is much more in value!

Scentsy Lemon Warmer

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Join us as we partner with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to help fund childhood cancer research and support families affected by cancer.  Scentsy will donate $11.50 from the sale of each When Life Gives You Lemons Warmer to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Scentsy Mermaid Glass Warmer

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Scentsy Mermaid Glass Warmer

Carve out your own legend with brilliant scales that twinkle in oceanic greens – from seafoam to turquoise – while casting beautiful patterns across any surface.

On sale in March for $66.00 $59.40

Scentsy Make Waves Scentsy Bar

Make your own waves in a wash of Icelandic water tumbling with dewy greens and apple blossom.

On sale for the month of March only!





Scentsy Spring Summer Catalog 2019

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Scentsy Spring and Summer Catalog

Our Scentsy Spring and Summer catalog has now begun! We are so excited to bring to our newest products to try out!

Our newest warmer designs span a variety of home decor trends so you can find the styles that suit you.

Scentsy 10% off Sale in February

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Scentsy’s February sale is 10% ALL MONTH LONG!

February is the time to stock up on all your favorite Scentsy products! Almost everything in the Fall/Winter 2018 Catalogue will be 10% off to make room for the exciting new Spring/Summer 2019 products.



buy online






Scentsy Harvest Collection 2018

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Scentsy Harvest Collection 2018 is NOW AVAILABLE!

We admit it: We’re all about fall. And this collection captures the best parts — from the colors of freshly fallen leaves to the spooky celebrations and those beautiful autumn scents!

We have some amazing warmers and scents available for the Fall/Halloween season!  If you need help choosing, please let me know.


Scentsy Holiday Collection 2018

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Scentsy Holiday Collection is NOW AVAILABLE!

Let your holiday spirit shine in all sorts of ways with our 2018 Holiday Collection, featuring décor and fragrances designed to make your season brighter (and more beautiful!).  

To see what the Holiday Collection has in store, check out the product reveal here!

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